Property Management Software

The following is a list of Property Management Software features and benefits: -


  • Tenant Information Management (includes, personal information, phone numbers, PIN, Remarks, House Allocated).
  • Allocation of tenants to vacant house/room units.
  • De-allocation of tenants who have moved out of the house/rooms.
  • Vacant houses/rooms summary showing houses which are vacant and ready for occupation.
  • Reserved house units e.g. houses which the landlord or their agent lives in.
  • Automatic Posting of Monthly Rent each beginning of the month for all active tenants.
  • Receipts from tenants including printing of receipt showing charges paid for.
  • Tenant Statements. All invoices and all receipts paid arranged in a date wise format.
  • General Tenant Balances Summary. List of all tenants with an outstanding balance.
  • Other charge invoices such as penalties, garbage, water, opening fee etc.
  • Automatic invoicing of Penalties at a selected date for all accounts with outstanding rent balance. E.g. every 10th, 10% penalty could be charged on all rent invoices not paid.
  • Missing Rent Invoices Summary. System scans through all the tenants accounts and displays each tenant with missing rent invoices for any month after their first rent invoice due date.
  • General Tenant Allocation List. Shows list of all tenants allocated houses in specified plots or buildings, their monthly rent, contact telephone numbers and their outstanding balances.
  • Tenant search. One can search for a tenant account using their names, address, city, id number, landlord, telephone number. On locating the tenant, the system will show you where they are located.
  • Automatic generation of tenant agreement fees based on preset fees table.


  • Landlord Information Management (personal information, commissions, plots, buildings  information)
  • Landlord Statements showing tenants accounts balance summary, landlord expenses, landlord payments and balance payable after deduction of commission and landlord expenses.
  • Each receipt from tenant acts as an invoice on landlord account. The amount paid by tenant is deducted commission, then the remaining balance becomes the amount payable to the landlord.
  • If tenant pays direct to landlord, the system treats it like a payment to landlord.
  • Landlord Expenses. These are expenses incurred on account of landlord e.g. repair and maintenance of the houses or advertisements etc.
  • Payment of deposits paid by new tenants.
  • VAT summary for commercial buildings

Customers and Suppliers

  • Invoicing of customers e.g. purchase of land, transfer fees
  • Receiving payments from customers
  • Invoicing of suppliers for services rendered or supply of goods e.g houses on sale
  • Payment of suppliers.
  • commissions due/paid for services rendered

Back Office Accounts:

  • Expenses (tracking of the expenses e.g. repairs and maintenance etc)
  • Creditors/Debtors Balance Analysis: Simplified / Ageing / Vote head Summary
  • Creditors/Debtors Statements
  • General Ledgers
  • Cash and Bank Accounts Reconciliation
  • Money Transfers and Deposits
  • Daily summary of transactions(Debit Cash, Credit Cash, Debit Cheque, Credit Cheque)
  • Vat Analysis reports
  • Commission Analysis
  • Audit Trail
  • Cash Flow Analysis
  • Receipts Posted Analysis
  • Payments Analysis Reports
  • Profit and Loss Account statements: Both Expected and Actual Earnings
  • Trial balance : Ordinary / Vote heads
  • Balance sheet: Working Capital / Standard

Payroll :

  • Tracking of Employees Personal Information: Names, PIN No, NSSF No, NHIF No, Telephone (mobile) number, Email, Photo, department, job group, monthly working days, leave days.
  • Track Employees Earnings, Deductions , Contributions and Fringe Benefits e.g. Basic Salary, House Allowance, Traveling Allowance , NSSF, NHIF,PAYE , SACCO, Loan, Advance, Car Allowance, Life Insurance Contributions, Retirement/ Pension Constrbutions.
  • Gratuity calculation for retiring / resigning employees.
  • Manage monthly NSSF and NHIF deductions plus automatically creation and formatting of the excel file formats which get submitted to the necessary authorities.
  • Manage casuals’ weekly payments and job allocations.
  • Loans management module which manages all loans advanced to employees by the employer plus track interest on the loans, loan repayments and balances.
  • Generates Detailed/Departmental Payroll Summary report which displays summary of all employees earnings , deductions, contributions and benefits on one sheet.
  • Printing of End Year KRA Forms which have been automatically filled such as P9A, 9B, 10A, 10B, and 10C.
  • Printing Pay slips from preset templates or customized to fit your taste.

Generate monthly bank credit advice list for payments of employees’ salaries through the bank where the list contains names of employees, their bank accounts and amount that should be credited to their accounts.

We shall conduct comprehensive staff training sessions for the first 1 month after installation and software customizations for the first 6 months free of charge.

This means after 6 months of training, testing and customization, we expect to have already switched over from the current manual system to the automated system.

In this regard, the company will make available, personnel for training and also ensure that all the necessary hardware/software such as computers, printers and networking accessories are available and good working state.

The change over process will be gradual, step by step methodology where we can first start with tenants, landlords and accounts. We ensure we have the latest data updated and then start printing software generated reports. This will start as soon as the software is installed and training is on-gong.

However, software implementation will be on all independent modules together. This means we shall start updating all the independent modules at the same time so as start the change over process earlier.

We shall be on site giving help, support, training and customization to ensure the change over process is quick and smooth.

The security of the software will be implemented in 6 levels:
a) Computer Level: where the main database server computer will be located in a room with no much human or material movement. This way it will be isolated from active use hence ensuring all its initial local settings are free from tampering e.g. change of system date/time, network protocols and programs. Also it should not have mouse, keyboard, monitor after its in working order.

b)Database Level: the database software is MySQL Database and it also has a database access password. Hence users must provide the password before gaining access to the data.

c)User Level: where every user using the school software has to be given a user account. Each user account has a specific password assigned to it and specific user right and permissions. Hence we would be able to give/deny access to information based on user account.

d)Module Level: such as payroll will require an additional payroll user account and password.

e)Audit Trail: In case a user is given permission to access the system, all their activities in the system are recorded in a special module know as Audit Trail. This way we can be able to print the list of all user actions done in the system within a specified duration and get to know who did what, from which computer, date and time.

Hence ensure the data in the system is trustworthy and free from internal/external interference.
The users in charge of data entry will be given adequate training and instructions in order to enter information as accurately as possible. This way, we can be able to get accurate output, and hence be able to make correct decisions based on this output.

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