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The following is a list of benefits of MTSPayroll Software:- 

  • Printing of End Year KRA Forms which have been automatically filled such as P9A, 9B, 10A, 10B, and 10C.
  • Printing Pay slips from preset templates or customized to fit your taste.
  • Tracking of Employees Personal Information: Names, PIN No, NSSF No, NHIF No, Telephone (mobile) number, Email, Photo.
  • Track Employees Earnings, Deductions , Contributions and Fringe Benefits e.g. Basic Salary, House Allowance, Traveling Allowance , NSSF, NHIF,PAYE , SACCO, Loan, Advance, Car Allowance.
  • Gratuity calculation for retiring / resigning employees.
  • Manage monthly NSSF and NHIF deductions plus automatically create and format the excel file formats which get submitted to the necessary authorities.
  • Manage casuals’ weekly payments and job allocations.
  • Loans management module which manages all loans advanced to employees by the employer plus track interest on the loans, loan repayments and balances.
    The latest feature allows the employer to temporarily freeze loan repayments for a month or two then resume the ordinary loan repayments.
  • Generates Payroll Summary report which displays summary of all employees earnings , deductions, contributions and benefits on one sheet.
  • Generate monthly bank credit advice list for payments of employees’ salaries through the bank where the list contains names of employees, their bank accounts and amount that should be credited to their accounts.

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