Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

01. How much does the software cost?

Our pricing depends on the number of modules that one wants to be installed. The number of departments managed by our software also determines the pricing of the software.

02. Do you provide custom modification to the software?

Yes, we modify the system to best suit your need. All our software is original and we have complete control of the source code.

03. How fast do your provide support in case of a problem.

At Ruemerc Software Solutions, we have a dedicated support team. We respond to customer request in less than three hours regardless of there location because all our software can be supported online.

04. Is your pricing inclusive of training?

Yes, it is. We give our client special attention until when they are able to run the software on their own.

05. Can I monitor my business while am away?

Yes, you can. We also provide cloud computing for most of our software.