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We hereby wish to express our interest to serve your organization by way of installation, training, implementation and maintenance of our Stock Management Software Package known as Distributor.

The Distributor Software can support the following type of businesses

  • Retail and wholesale stores.
  • Supermarkets.
  • Restaurants and hotels.
  • Lodgings and Hostels.
  • Chemists. e.t.c

This is a Computer System that is tailored and creatively designed to automate most of the manual book operations of any business industry that entails the processes of manufacturing, repackaging and tracking of stock of business products.
Please note that Distributor software is not pirated software but is original software entirely developed, tested and implemented by us. Hence we can customize it to your requirements and specifications to ensure you get the full benefits of using Distributor software @ your establishment.
The system contains all the functions/operations carried out on daily, weekly, monthly, yearly basis, including the whole range of functions required for all aspects of management, maintenance, forecasting and operations.
Distributor Software is a multi department management software with each department working as an independent entity. Furthermore, it comes with an additional inbuilt Payroll Package that functions seamlessly with all the businesses/departments outlined but at an extra cost.
Distributor software can manage unlimited number of departments (selling points or branches) including distribution vehicles such as Vans and Lorries.
Each department is completely independent and is implemented on a wholesome basis as a complete unit. This means each department runs its own:-
        • Point of sale for printing cash sale receipts/bills/invoices
        • Product List (inclusive product search, product codes, stock level analysis)
        • Sales information: Cash Sales and Credit Sales
        • Purchases information: Cash Purchases and Credit Purchases
        • Production Information
        • Expenses Information: Petty cash, capital, running costs… expenses
        • Bills Management: Staff and Guest Bills
        • Journal Entries
        • Chart of Accounts
        • Banking Information: Money transfer, deposits and withdrawals
        • Employee Payroll: printing of pay slips, monthly payroll summaries
        • Debtors Accounts Management
        • Creditors Accounts Management
        • Debtors / Creditors Simplified / Ageing Summaries and Statements
        • Specific Customer Discounts Settings and implementation
        • Cash Flow / Cash Summary Reports
        • Cash Sales Receipts / Credit Sales Invoices Analysis
        • Markup (Gross profit) Analysis
        • Customers Performance (e.g. Best 50 customers by department / brand / category etc)
        • Sales Persons Performance
        • Stock level count and value
                i. Stock Count by Item
                ii. Stock Count by Category
                iii. Day Closing Stock Progression
                iv. Departmental Stock Comparison
                v. Stock Transfer Analysis
                vi. Stock Value Sheet
        • Financial Reports such as
                i. Profit and Loss Accounts
                ii. Trial Balance
                iii. Balance Sheet
                iv. Actual Vs Budget
                v. Actual Vs Target
        • Sales / Purchases Reports
                vi. Sales List (by customer etc)
                vii. Purchases List (by vendor etc)
                viii. Production List
                ix. Sales/Purchases Deductions
                x. Sales to Cash Reconciliation
                xi. Vat Analysis
        • Business Summary (Composite Analysis)
        • Property and Vehicle Insurance
        • Chat Room. AND MANY OTHERS
Distributor has over 100 different reports ranging from performance analysis to actual count of stock, assets and bank - cash balances to end reports such as financial statements such as balance sheets. All the reports are available for each department/branch.
You can also run collective reports for the entire organization such as displaying all the departmental reports as a single block reports for all the departments.
In Addition, Distributor has additional capabilities which can enable you to connect, view, print and do all the operations of the Distributor but from a remote computer i.e. from home laptop computer or other computer in a different geographical location.
You can also collect all the data from the business computers and save into your home computer using most of the computer networking technologies available such as: -
    · Telkom Dial up Connection; which is the connectivity technology
    · Telkom Wireless
    · Internet via, Telkom Lease line, Safaricom Edge cards and modems, any other I.S.P
    · Virtual Private Networks (VPN) feature of Windows XP
The data collected will enable you to view important information (such as reports) from a remote location as though you were physically seated at the office computer e.g. a company with Head Office in Nairobi will be able to collect the latest sales, stock, expenses reports from all the branches spread across the country every day using this feature.
We hope you will consider giving us an opportunity to offer a software solution beyond your limits that will empower you to do more and be more!
Please feel free to use this product at your establishment so as to help us enhance it to suit your unique business requirements and operations.
A fully detailed manual on the operations of Distributor Software will be available with purchase of the full version of Distributor Software.

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